New Services

Ok. So if you are happy to attend one of the clinics that we work with our services are covered within that clinics standard charges and you will not receive any additional bills either from us or from the clinic. It is the same as if you went to them direct, except that you will have my advice and expertise to help you through it all.

New IVF Services

New IVF Services

However, you might have decided on a clinic of your own but would still like the reassurance of having your own fertility nurse specialist planning, co-ordinating, offering advice and supporting you throughout your treatment cycle. We are more than happy to do this and you will receive the same high level of care as if you were attending one of our selected clinics, but in this instance we would have to charge you, the patient as we do not have a formal arrangement with your chosen clinic. The cost of our comprehensive services is £350 which would be payable at time of starting your medications (usually 2 – 3 weeks prior to embryo transfer).

This is a new option built within something that we have been doing since 2007, having gone from 3 or 4 patients a month, now to between 10 and 15 on a regular basis.

One of our main objectives was always to work with a small number of “core” clinics as we were keen not to dilute the relationship between ourselves, you the patient and the clinics themselves all of whom we feel to be some of the leading contenders within the countries that they operate in.

There are so many clinics to choose from nowadays that we felt there was a pressing need for an experienced fertility nurse specialist to try and sort some of the best from the rest which is what we have very successfully done. However, we also recognize that there are other centres that could fulfil our high standards and that not everyone will want to use one of our collaborating clinics. We can’t win them all at the end of the day! Just as we cannot and will not give you a 100% guarantee that you will get pregnant. Anyone or any clinic that tells you this is not to be trusted and should be treated with caution. It’s nice to hear but it’s also not realistic. What we will give you is a 100% effort in trying to achieve the desired result. What we can guarantee is that between 80 – 85% of patients that do use our services are seeing a heartbeat at the 12 week scan. We put this down to a number of reasons, one of the most important being the level of attention paid to looking at your past history, the reasons behind why you might not be getting pregnant and finding solutions to potential root causes. Some clinics will keep you on the same protocols cycle after cycle with no real desire to identify any underlying problems which we consider to be crazy.

What we provide

7 day a week 365 day a year access to your own fertility nurse.

General support and advice throughout treatment.

Provision of a detailed treatment plan.*

Recommendation of centres in the UK for scans and tests.

Prescription services including next day home delivery.

Liaison with your chosen clinic after signed consent from you.

Skype consultations with myself.

Provision of foreign currency company if needed.


*This is dependent on your chosen clinic and how much cooperation their own protocols and practices will allow.