The IVF Process

Greece_IVF_process_1First of all, any information that you give us is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality, with any information being sent through a secure server.

To start the IVF process, we will ask you to fill out a proforma which details things such as your contact details, what treatment you are considering, in the case of egg or sperm donation, your characteristics and blood groups and so on. We will also need details on any previous treatment cycles you might have undertaken elsewhere. This proforma will also be your authorization for us to pass on your details to the clinic at the appropriate point.

This proforma will be reviewed and a course of treatment suggested. We would contact you by phone to discuss this stage and would appreciate a land line telephone number to ring you on to reduce our costs!! Only once you have agreed would your contact details be forwarded to the clinic to start the treatment process.

Greece_IVF_process_2Each fertility clinic in Europe has it´s own policy in regard to when they want to see patients. We will be able to advise whether you will need to make one or two trips, how long those trips need to be for and the time gap between them. Also how medication would be prescribed and how investigations and tests are done prior to or during treatment.

Please click here to check the list of analysis that have to be done previous to any further treatment!