Analysis before the IVF treatment

IVF and IVF treatment will stand a higher chance of success if certain screenings or tests are carried out first. Please click here to check the list of analysis that have to be done prior to any further treatment!

Greece_IVF_process_1· HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Syphilis screening for both partners and no more than 6 months old at the point of egg collection and embryo transfer. This is different to the UK that allows results up to 12 months old but all other countries in the EU say 6 months until they expire.

· Chlamydia PCR screening within last 9 months for female partner. This is to check for evidence of chlamydia infection which can severely reduce chances of conception. If found to be positive a course of antibiotics will be taken by both partners and then the female partner retested around 4 to 6 weeks later.

· Semen analysis within last 12 months so that we have a clear idea of sperm quality and which treatment is necessary: conventional IVF or if compromised, ICSI.

· Hysteroscopy or aqua scan done within the last 12 months to ensure no concerns with uterine cavity prior to treatment. This will check for the presence of polyps or fibroids which might affect your chances of conceiving and would need to be removed prior to treatment.

· Blood clotting factors testing for female partner to ensure no abnormalities that will affect embryo implantation. Some people find that they have slightly thicker blood which means the blood flow around the body and more importantly the uterus is compromised and medication is needed to thin it. These clotting tests can be delayed until after first cycle but if unsuccessful then to be done prior to second cycle.

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